The Waters of Life

In the midwest of China, where the land beats itself against the heels of the Qomolungma range, I discovered a very curious archeological dig exploring the refuse of an unknown people already 6000 years old. These people were unusually gifted in the art of bronze casting and the excavation is currently known as Sanxingdui. It is […]

Selfish Personal Interest

It is a constant source of amusement to me, dear reader, that so many economists believe that people are not selfish. That they point to common curtesy and the observance of social etiquette as proof of this, citing that if people were selfish, they would neither care about or attend to such behaviours. Nothing, I assure you […]

Of Goods and Services

I have been blessed in my many travels throughout this wondrous world, and it would not have been possible without being able to board an Airship in Australis for the grand expanses of the Far East, South-east Asien, the frozen expanses of northern Germania, central Europea, or the bright sunny spaces of Londin. Be that […]

The Numbers Always Lie

Deep in the gambling dens and flesh pits of Macau, I came across a small temple with austere and devout believers, an isolated island of morality surrounded by a sea of loose ethics and unbridled desires for money. A market place trading desire, lust, and greed, flourishing and undocumented, driven by whim and selfish personal […]

Oil of Hypochondria, 100% Pure*

*Warning. May contain trace amounts of placebo effects. In my many travels throughout the fabled, mystic East I hd the great fortune to come across a very rare form of traditional medicine. It was very, very expensive, but in hindsight, I have found it to be worth every single penny I traded for it. This rare […]

A Tale of Fairness in Trade

Some time ago I had the inestimable pleasure of spending some time with the Dawenzi Khazaks, a semi-nomadic people that spent much of their non-Wintering time along the shores of Heaven Lake, nestled in the comforting arms of the Tianshan Mountain range, and carefully watched over, at a distance, by Bogda Shan. It was a fine […]

Money, and Tokens of Equivalent Value

I was walking one day, across a buttress that looked out over the Gobi Desert to the northwest, where Outer Mongolia joins hands with Gangsu Province and the Xinjiang Autonomous Prefecture. I was there on this particularly, bright and sunny day with several companions, searching for fabled Shangmaya, neolithic petroglyphs, much to the disconcertment of […]